30 Years Young

This year, Alpha Data celebrates its 30th anniversary. Having grown from an initial three-man team to a company that now employs over 700, Alpha Data has continued to re-invent and deliver during what would have to be recognized as the most dramatic development periods of the IT industry.

“All industries must cope with change; however, we have lived through so many cycles of technology development in the last three decades years – and it has been a tremendous journey to date - so it is a particularly proud moment for me and many of the staff who have played their part in this success to have reached the 30 year mark,” said Fayez Ibbini, the company’s founder and Managing Director.

Indeed, it would be hard to imagine a more turbulent yet more exciting time for those involved in IT than the last 30 years. A three decade period that has witnessed the launch of the personal computer, in the early 80’s, the introduction of the internet and mobile phone revolution of the 90’s; and the social networking boom of the last few years to name only a few, are all examples of how technology has become an indispensible element in our everyday home and working lives.

For Alpha, those seismic changes in the industry were mirrored in terms of its own journey as the company started, in 1981, as a service offering time sharing on a large IBM mainframe– this was a time when computers were as big as a room and costs started at AED 1 million apiece (so not every business could afford one). Quickly recognizing the shift to personalized computers, Alpha adapted its business model to become the first IT reseller in the UAE and the original distributor of IBM computers into the country.

In the 90’s, the growing need for systems integration became a demand from corporate and government clients and, now, as we move into the second decade of the 21st Century, cloud computing and services are seen as the way forward for Alpha to continue to remain creative and fulfill market demands.

“We have adapted to many changing technology environments to ensure that we continue to provide our clients with solutions that make a difference to their businesses and their bottom line,’ said Ibbini.

‘While we have stayed ahead of, or matched, trends so as to maintain the relevant offering and services to our clients, we were also pleased to have emerged with a strong financial position in the last few years at a time when the challenges of the global economic crisis hit. Alpha’s ability to continue to grow during that period further strengthens the company’s leading position in the market – and strengthens our customer trust in our ability to meet their expectations.


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