Alpha Data: Cloud Computing to Fundamentally Alter UAE's IT Services Industry Business Model

Fayez IbbiniOverseeing the re-launching and expansion of its Abu Dhabi and Dubai-based service centre facilities, at a ceremony in the Port Zayed site in the capital earlier today, Alpha Data’s Founder and Managing Director, Fayez Ibbini, issued a rallying call to the UAE IT industry, saying the coming cloud computing ‘revolution’ requires the systems integrator industry to radically re-think its current business model.

While the worldwide business in cloud-based industries is set to be worth around US$68.3 Billion in 2010 and estimated become upward of 148.8 billion by 2014, there is still a significant amount of confusion among the senior management of many companies as to what it means to them specifically. This was a key reason behind the establishment of its new cloud computing services and facilities.

Alpha Data has not shied away from big changes before. In fact, the company faced a similar situation in the early 1980’s when, due to the sheer size and cost of computers at the time, its core business was as a data bureau providing outsourced computer services for various companies. The introduction of the personal, desk-sized, computer necessitated a radical re-think of the company’s business model which saw it become the first IT reseller in the UAE; later the company became a reseller and solution provider, and most recently, anticipated and changed to meet market demand for systems integration.

“We are finding ourselves in a familiar situation, once again, with cloud computing today,” said Ibbini, adding, “Over the next two years, Alpha Data sees a major shift over to the cloud model and we are taking all necessary steps to be ready to serve our clients in these areas. As more and more companies start to appreciate the versatile and scalable nature of ‘the cloud’, it will become an integral part of a company’s IT strategy, and therefore key budget and investment areas.”

“Alpha’s new professional services and service centres stand ready to address the many questions new and existing clients have relating to this new age of IT business solutions and - specifically - how tailored solutions can be undertaken, as per their company’s specific need.”

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Alpha Cloud will facilitate the seamless transformation from traditional IT service to a cloud-based services model. This transformation encompasses design, implementation, operations and management.

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