Alpha Energy Launched With A Focus On Sustainable Technology

Alpha Energy logoSince the Industrial Revolution, human activities, such as the burning of oil, coal and gas, and deforestation, have increased CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere to today’s unprecedented levels - and global warming is an issue that no one can afford to ignore. This coupled with a global need to become less reliant on fossil fuels for energy have meant that governments and organizations the world over have begun to take real steps to going ‘green.’ Reducing energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions top many agendas in a bid to provide a sustainable future for generations to come.

At Alpha Data we have felt passionate about these issues for a long time. As a technology company we understand that much of the wastage produced particularly in the business sector can be solved by using technology components to make an organization more streamlined and efficient.  The UAE has one of the world’s highest carbon footprints; our clients are aware of this fact and are anxious to be a part of changing this statistic. This coupled with our passion for bringing change through what we call ‘sustainable technology’ resulted in the launch of Alpha Energy.

We’ve found that using technology to manage consumption of resources such as water and electricity provides not only a dramatic reduction in environmental impact but also cost savings for our clients; a win-win situation. A simple example is in PC usage. A typical PC consumes 535kWh of electricity a year. Two-thirds of that energy is wasted when the computer isn’t in active use, primarily outside of business hours. Through use of software and technology Alpha Energy can help organizations reduce their PC network energy consumption by 30% - a positive impact on their bottom line, and the planet.

Our approach is simple; we focus on making organizations more efficient resource users by advising them on how systems and devices consume energy and what changes can make the most significant impact on usage. We do this through audits, consulting and through our extensive experience of using technology to achieve efficiency and reduction of carbon footprint.

Lighting, cooling and water-use related technologies that improve energy efficiency are becoming more commonly understood and gradually adopted worldwide; partly due to dedicated government initiatives and international campaigns like the annual ‘Earth Hour’ event.

While a few misconceptions surrounding sustainability-focused technology solutions - and their perceived cost - still exist, this simply is no longer the case. In fact, with today’s technologies, an almost immediate return on investment can be realized, thereby making these solutions attractive from a financial, ethical and environmental perspective.


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