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Zakaria Ibbini

Zakaria Ibbini is the business manager of Alpha Data Recruitment, and a director in Alpha Data responsible for the Marketing and HR teams. He has 9 years of experience in the IT field, 6 of which have been spent working for Alpha Data. With a track record of working on some of the largest projects of Alpha Data, Zakaria is now focusing his time on growing Alpha Data Recruitment.

Q1: What is Alpha Data Recruitment?

Zakaria Ibbini: Alpha Data Recruitment is a sister company to Alpha Data LLC. It is one of the few legally licensed enterprises that can outsource staff to organizations in the UAE. The company’s primary activity is outsourcing of people however we also offer recruitment services with a focus on Emirati Nationals.

Q2:  Why would a company decide to outsource their staff instead of hiring directly?

Zakaria Ibbini: There are a number of reasons; The first is that many organizations have limitations to how many new hires they can do per year or on their total headcount, so they work with us to control both of those KPIs. Secondly many of our postings are for short term contracts where the resource is not required for a long period of time and a direct hire by our customer does not make sense for them. Lastly we take care of the visa, insurance, and any personal costs of our staff which maintains a fixed price for our clients. 

Q3: Is outsourcing more expensive than hiring resources directly?

Zakaria Ibbini: Once all of our customers organizational and HR costs have been factored in our price works out to be about the same amount, with the added flexibility in the services we offer.

Q4: What does the company have to offer to its clients?

Zakaria Ibbini: We have the flexibility to work with all types of customers and to outsource the full range of people from executive level to unskilled staff. Our experience is primarily in the IT industry however we have a database of people in other fields such as Medical, Construction, and Petrochemical.

Q5: Where is the company going in the next three years?

Zakaria Ibbini: The company is quite new and has yet to forge relationships with many organizations in the UAE. Despite that we currently manage more than 130 individuals who are posted with our customers and are actively expanding our business so that number reaches 1000 in the by the end of 2017.



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