HP PC’s, Laptops & Servers

We offer a full range of PCs and servers from world leading vendors such Hewlett-Packard. Alpha Data is an Elite Blade Ambassador for HP. This status was achieved by Alpha Data after devoting in training and technical practice on HP Blades, both pre and post sales. Also Alpha Data supports some of the largest accounts for HP and has a commitment to promote HP Blade Technology in the UAE in a proactive manner and continue to update our skills on the latest technologies.

Platinum Partner
HP Platinum Partner - Printing and Computing

Gold Partner
HP Gold ServiceOne Enterprise Specialist
HP Gold Networking Specialist
HP Gold Workstation Specialist
HP Gold ServiceOne Printing and Computing Specialist
HP Gold Server Specialist
HP Gold Managed Print Specialist
HP Gold Designjet Specialist

Silver Partner
HP Silver Partner - Storage Media
HP Silver Storage Specialist

HP Platinum Partner



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